1. What is Filmbanao?

Filmbanao is a platform for common people to be part of big film & television projects. Filmbanao vision is to hunt talents with various skillset required to develop a Film and TV series from development to post-production and bring them together as a team to earn return on investment.
Filmbanao will also help members to enhance skills and develop talent with in various area of film making and, if needed, will sponsor team members to attend professional courses required to develop the skillset. During the process of grooming the team, we will also be working on short film projects. Once the initial team is ready, Filmbanao first milestone will be to develop a successful film or TV series.
Filmbanao will also give opportunity to the investors in raising profit margin.

2. Why I should join Filmbanao?

3. Do I have to spend/ Invest some money to be part of Filmbanao?

No, if you can showcase your talent to the Filmbanao leaders, you can be easily part of the team. In any case, Filmbanao will ask for any kind of money

4. Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect?

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5. What Qualification I need to have to join Filmbanao?

As long as you can showcase your talent to the Filmbanao team, there is no other additional qualifications required to join the team.

6. How can I join Filmbanao?

Click on the button “Join now” and complete the registration process. Our recruiting team will review your profile and notify on the selection.

7. What if my profile is rejected to join filmbanao?

Do not worry, you can submit your latest work as many times you want to.

8. Can I ask my friend to Join Filmbanao?


9. What is the time commitment to be part of Filmbanao?

10. Will I 100% get a chance to be part of the film?

11. Will I 100% get a chance to be part of the film?

12. If I join a course to enhance my skills, who will pay for that?